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Free Tailwind CSS components to build your websites even faster

Start developing with the all free Tailwind CSS sections that help you to create a beautifully website in the minutes.

Why choose Tailsc for your next project?

Our components are all built using Tailwind CSS and SEO-friendly HTML structure and all components is free!

  • SEO Friendly

    Each component is built according to the HTML structure recommended for SEO so that search engines can easily understand the page content and improve site rankings.

  • Frequent Updates

    All is built with Tailwind CSS and we will be frequently updating beautifully components with a different styles be current components.

  • Easy use and free

    All components are created using Tailwind CSS, so all you need to do is copy the HTML elements to your website, and it's all free, no account creation required.


Coded in Tailwind CSS with responsive design and search engine optimized HTML structure

  • Tailwind CSS

    All components are built using Tailwind CSS, you can easily to use it to your website.

  • Responsive Design

    Meticulously designed components to ensure optimal display on any device.

  • SEO Optimized

    Built with a SEO-friendly structure that allows search engines to easily crawl the content and improve site rankings.

Frequently asked questions

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How to use the components in my project?

You can simply cut and paste the component code into your project, Nothing else.

Can I make a request for a new component?

Sure! You can create a Github issue for tailsc, and we will create it after few days.

Is there React/Vue/Angular version supported?

Sincerely apologize, but since we're just starting out, we don't have plans to build components for specific frameworks yet.

But for Vue users, you can use the source code directly in your project without any other processing.